Middle School Students Learn The Trade Of Television News

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By:Emily Johnson
August 26, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Thomas County Middle School now has a program where kids are learning exactly what WCTV does everyday. It's only has been up and running for a month, but they're quickly learning the tricks of the trade.

The TV Production class at the middle school teaches every aspect of the news business, from anchoring to directing and much more. Students in the class told us it's been a great learning tool and a lot more more goes into reporting the news than they every realized.

"That it takes a bunch on of people to do this and it's not really something that easy you have to work at it to get better at it so it helps us learn that you have to have a team to do stuff," Adrienne Carson, Thomas County Middle School Student.

The class meets every school day except Thursdays in the their news studio classroom.

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