Minimum Wage Set To Increase in Florida

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By: Bailey Myers
December 30th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- Starting on the first of January, People throughout Florida can stop pinching pennies. Well, sort of, minimum wage employees around the state will soon see a jump in their paychecks.

"Every little bit helps so it could mean the difference in your bills it could mean the difference in something you'd like to do for someone else such as gifts you know and family," Lofty Pursuits employee Daniel Welsh explained.

Starting January 1st 20-14 every employee whipping toppings and mixing shakes at Lofty Pursuits and well everyone else receiving minimum wage in Florida will see a 14 cent pay increase.
That's because Florida's Department of Economic Opportunities recognized a need for a higher minimum wage based on consumer price index in the Southern Region.

The Owner of Lofty Pursuits, Gregory Cohen told us, "A fourteen cents minimum wage increase is practically irrelevant from a business stand point I mean we are talking about per hour like doing something that's about a tenth of the profit of a cup of coffee."

Even though it will initially cut into his costs, Cohen believes more money in peoples pockets means more ice cream buyers.

"What goes around comes around raising a rising tide floats all boats. I wouldn't mind for this boat of any business to be floated a bit more," Cohen explained.

For many the pay increase may not seem like much but it's enough to get by. As Welsh told us, "If I place more value on the opportunity that I have then im not going to be afraid of whatever obstacles I come in front of the immediate now and today."

The raise will be fourteen cents going from $7.79 to $7.93 an hour for hourly minimum wage workers.

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