More Baby Boomers Heading Back to School

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By: Mike Springer
February 10, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-The sea of faces in your average college classroom are not just students in their teens or early 20s. In fact, a growing number of them are much older.

"I guess the older I get, I keep wanting to look for challenges," said Carol Matthews, who's returning to college.

Matthews is pursing her Health Informatics Specialist Certificate at Tallahassee Community College. After taking what she calls 'a leap of faith' Matthews left her job with Department of Revenue to pursue a new career.

"I'm hoping that the ultimate job that I do get when I get out is going to be as stable or more so," she said.

Going to school for a chance at a better job or a better career is nothing new. But for a lot of older Americans, heading back to college is becoming a growing trend.

At TCC, 10 percent of its students are 36 or older.

"The tasks and skills that people have experience with these days, are not really relevant in today's workplace,." said Amy Combs who works for TCC's Center for Workforce Development.

Through a federal grant, the College is looking to teach more baby-boomers those relevant skills.

They're the skills students like Matthews say will improve their lives.

"It's definitely a life-changing decision, but you're just hoping the outcome is something bigger and better, part of your dream," she said.

Matthews says she's hoping to complete her certificate sometime next December

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