Moultrie Walmart Black Friday Video Goes Viral

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Valdosta, GA - Pushing. Shoving. It's frightening just to watch. A crowd of hundreds grab desperately for pre-paid cell phones.

That's all in a video posted on YouTube taken in the Walmart in Moultrie, Georgia Thursday night before Black Friday. Now the video has gone viral.

"I think that's crazy for everybody to be fighting and stomping people," said Evelyn Simpson, a Moultrie resident and frequent shopper at the Walmart. "Because I was here last year and everything was just normal. But this year I'm just glad I didn't show up."

"It's ridiculous and I don't understand why people would want to treat each other like that," said B.J. Wright, also a Moultrie resident and frequent shopper there. "My God. It's just a phone. It's a material thing. And these are the holidays."

A Walmart spokesman says there were no reports of injuries in the frenzy and no one was escorted from the store. He called the incident unfortunate but said it was isolated.

Eventually security and police broke up the crowd. But not before it was caught on camera. One video has almost 100 thousand hits on Youtube.

"I was just coming in today to see what the store would look like after all that. We were on our way home and I said let's go see what Walmart looks like after this," said Evelyn Simpson.

Both women say they'll continue shopping at Walmart. But will they go there for Black Friday next year? Not a chance.

There have been no arrests related to the incident.

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