Problems Continue at Tallahassee Apartment Complex

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Story by: James Buechele

TALLAHASSEE – Hundreds of students are still waiting on apartments in Tallahassee, including some that have already been paid for.

You might remember the Aqua Park Apartment complex, where tenants complained about the living conditions and lack of furniture. More students have come forward with complaints since yesterday’s story.

The story doesn’t just impact those living at the complex. One local attorney says incidents like these can do damage to the reputation of Tallahassee as a good place to go to school.

When we last looked at the conditions at the Aqua Park Apartment complex, residents snapped pictures of roaches, stains on carpets and “furnished apartments” with no furniture at all.

TCC student Courtney Williams says she had to stay the night at a hotel on Thursday. Early Friday evening, they were still waiting for their furniture.

"We're still having a lot of bugs so they say they will call somebody else to clean that, but we don't know when they'll come out to clean that," Williams says.

"It really creates a reputation for Tallahassee as to whether or not this is a good place to send your student to school."

Attorney David Abrams deals with lease agreements and is currently working on a class action lawsuit against a different complex in town.

He says our local economy depends on students coming to Tallahassee.

"They're a huge part of what allow businesses and individuals in Tallahassee to thrive and have the standard of living that we have. So I'm very concerned," says Abrams.

With school starting next week, Williams say she hopes she can focus on her studies.

"It's stressing me out because I want my apartment ready before it's time for me to go to school because I'm going to have to worry about school and my apartment which is even more stressful," says Williams.

Williams says she doesn’t plan on living there after her lease is up and is actively looking for another place to live.

We still have not heard back from the apartment complex management.

Story by: James Buechele

Tallahassee, Fla.

Katrina Cater was helping mover her daughter Courtney into her new apartment at Aqua Park Thursday. Courtney starts classes at TCC on Monday.

The complex has signs for the 'largest pool in Tally' and claiming 'not your average amenities,' which was the case for Carter.

"The bathroom had mold all in it," said Carter. "The shower head had mold all over it."

They snapped more photos including pictures of stains on the carpet, missing drawers and even a dead roach. Not only was the place dirty, Carter says the apartment they had already put more than $1,000 in to was supposed to be furnished but most of the furniture was missing.

"I'm not stupid. I really thought there would be a difference but not like that. I didn't expect to move into a dirty apartment."

We actually got a look inside an apartment that was supposed to be finished. Inside: no oven, no furniture and no beds.

FSU student Lilie Thomas was given bug spray when she complained about fleas in her apartment.

We left messages with the manager and tried to speak with her but were told we had to wait in line behind the tenants. Even though Carter and her daughter, both from Jacksonville, are being put in a hotel, the future remains uncertain.

"I wanna cry because my daughter starts school on Monday and I don't know what I"m going to do because a lot of the apartments are already filled up."

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