Muslim Americans Address Lawmakers at the Capitol

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Symone Davis
February 11, 2016

Tallahassee, FL.-- In 2001, at the age of 9, Amina Spahic and her family left the country of Bosnia because of a war.

Today, the now 23-year-old Amina stood in the Florida Capitol talking about what she said is a different kind of war, being Muslim in America.

“My family did not flee a war torn country just to come here and not feel safe because of bills like these,” said Spahic.

On Thursday, Amina joined hundreds of Muslims in Tallahassee for Florida Muslim Capitol Day. They met with lawmakers to discuss religious freedom and civic engagement.

In particular, the group is fighting against two bills: Senate Bill 1712 and House Bill 1095.

These bills would allow the state to monitor the number of immigrants and refugees entering the country.

"I’m an American citizen, I’m involved, I do my civic duty and I don't feel safe because of this,” Amina Spahic.

The Co-Chair for Florida Muslim Capitol Day says the recent terrorist attacks and slams from some presidential candidates have only made things worse.

"We are against it 100 percent, we do not support it. That is not what we are all about. That's just a small fragment of the Muslim community,” said Ghazala Salam, Co-Chair of Florida Muslim Capitol Day.

"We want to show everyone that our religion is part of our life. We're regular citizens. We work, we pay taxes. We vote. You know, there's no reason to attack us for something that a very normal part of life. Just like it is for Christians. Just like the Jews,” Spahic.

Senate Bill 1712 was stalled in committee by Senator Miguel Diaz De La Portilla.

The group hopes the same will happen for House Bill 1095.

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