[UPDATE] Vet Says Wide Road Dogs are Cleared

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[UPDATE] Tallahassee, Florida - Feb. 29, 2012 -

A veterinarian has given a clean bill of health to the more than 80 dogs living at a Leon County home.

Animal Control was called out to the home on Wide Road earlier this month 2/2/12. Neighbors had complained about the barking and smells. Kristine Winckelmann was cited by Animal Control and asked to get her dogs checked out by a vet. The vet says no parasites were found. And all the dogs have now been vaccinated. Animal Control says it will return to the property as needed to make sure Wincklemann is complying.

[UPDATE] Tallahassee, Florida - Feb. 24, 2012 -

Animal Control is expected to return to Wide Road to check the health of the 83 dogs that live there.

Last week, Richard Ziegler, director of Leon County Animal Control inspected the property of Christine Winckelmann. Winckelmann's property had been cited because of the conditions there, which included dirty water and excess feces. Ziegler says while the property is clean, there are about 5 dogs he wanted a vet to examine. Winckelmann was required to see the vet by Feb. 17. The vet canceled the appointed due to a scheduling conflict. But Ziegler says the dogs were examined later. He expects a report on Monday from the vet. He says the rest of the dogs will be examined when he returns to the property. Ziegler did not say when that would be.


UPDATE -- February 15

For the third time in three weeks, Animal Control was at the home of Christine Winckelmann. Neighbors on Wide Road have complained about the barking and smells coming from her home. That' s where Animal control says more than 50 dogs live.

Two weeks ago, investigators say they found piles of feces and dirty water on the grounds. On Wednesday they returned for a followup visit.

"The fecal odor has been resolved as of today, the housing has been corrected and the animals are looking good," says Richard Ziegler, Leon County Animal Control director.

But even with the marked improvement, neighbors want more done.

"The dogs actually taken out of here and put some place where they can be taken care of more so than what they are now and give the neighborhood some peace and quiet," says David McCranie, a neighbor.

Ziegler gave Winckelmann a barking nuisance citation. And says about five of the dogs need to see a vet. Ziegler has given Winckelmann until Friday to get the dogs checked out.

"Some of them need attention from the veterinarian and that is planned to be taken care of soon," says Ziegler.

Winckelmann spoke to WCTV off camera. She says she is complying with Animal Control. And is in the process of paying all her fines.
UPDATE -- February 9

Animal control was back at Christine Winckelmann's property this afternoon. They inspected the grounds for several hours. And while they say she has made progress, there's still more work to be done.

Pens full of feces. Dirty water. Multiple dogs to a cage.
These were the conditions of Christine Winckelmann's property last week, as seen here in photos given to WCTV by a confidential source.
Animal Control inspected the Wide Road property last Thursday. and cited Winckelmann for several violations.

"There was a considerable amount of feces around the kennels," says Richard Ziegler, director of Leon County Animal Control.

Winckelmann was given seven days to clean up. Ziegler returned for a follow up inspection. He checked the grounds for more than two hours.

"All the buckets of been cleaned. Scrubbed out. Clean food. But some of the kennels still need to be cleaned up from the matter," says Ziegler.

But even with the cleaner conditions neighbor's aren't satisfied. They want the dogs gone. They say they've had enough of of the constant barking and smells coming from the home, where Animal Control says more than 50 dogs live.

"She's cleaning the kennels up finally, but what's going to happen now is everybody thinks everybody is going to back off of it and it's and it's going to happen again. We have got to hear this and smell this all the time," says Ward Waff, a neighbor.

Off camera, Winckelmann told wctv she cares for the dogs the best she can. She says she is not a dog hoarder. Just someone who loves dogs. Winckelmann says she does not want any of the dogs end up at the pound and euthanized.

Winckelmann was issued two citations. One for failure to comply. The second for creating a public nuisance. She will be required to appear before a judge. And could pay up to $500 dollars per fine.

UPDATE -- February 9

Animal control officers returned to a Woodville home today and ordered the owner of dozens of dogs to continue cleaning up their kennels.

Neighbors complained about constant barking and the smell of feces coming from the corner lot. Animal control inspected her property for 2 1/2 hours and have cited her for more cleanup.

Atlhough, she has provided fresh water and cleaned up some feces, animal control says there is still work to do. The citation requires her to appear in court, where she can face a fine of 500 dollars.
Animal Control will re-inspect next week.

UPDATED 2.9.2012 by Julie Montanaro

We talked to the dogs' owner today.

Christine Winckelmann says she cares for the dogs to the best of her ability.

She says she is not a dog hoarder, but a dog lover and does not want any of the dogs to wind up at the pound to be euthanized.

"It makes me sad that so many of my neighbors have such animosity toward me," she said. "I am constantly cleaning and trying to keep up with my responsibilities."

UPDATED Feb. 8 2012 2:39 p.m.

Animal Control will return Thursday to inspect a Wide Road property, according to its director. The property has more than 50 dogs living on it and excess feces and tainted water.

Animal Control Officers went out to the property out Feb. 2 after neighbors called about excessive barking and a loose dog. Animal Control inspected the property. And violations were found. Animal Control said it would return Wednesday for a followup inspection. But that has been rescheduled for Thursday.

Richard Ziegler, director of Leon County Animal Control says the ordinance gives the owner seven days to comply. And he says Wednesday would be six days. One short of the requirement. Ziegler says he will inspect the property himself Thursday afternoon.

UPDATED Feb. 6 2012 11:37 p.m.

Law enforcement officers have now given a Leon County woman an ultimatum in a case of a possible hoarding situation.

The property, owned by Christine Winckelmann, has more than 50 dogs in what many believe are poor conditions. WCTV recently obtained photos from a confidential source of the property owned by Winckelmann. To view photos, click on the "Photos" tab above

Carol Zorn has lived next to the property for years.

"You can't hardly even stand to be out there because of the smell," said Zorn.

We showed her the pictures of what's happening over the fence next to her. Photos show dogs living four to a cage next to piles of feces and water buckets that have turned brown.

"I thought through all the years that it might kind of look like that but I've never been over there."

Leon County officials were at the property Friday to inspect the area.

Animal Control Director Richard Ziegler, who witnessed the property first-hand, says something needs to change. We showed him these photos.

"The water, like the water here dark and stuff that's one of the things that we addressed," Ziegler said. "Removing all the feces and stuff like that so yes that is some of the things that we are going to, she's supposed to take care of."

Ziegler has given Winckelmann an ultimatum. She has until this Wednesday to clean the property up before Leon County Sheriff's deputies step in.

"There's a process that the ordinance allows us to follow and that's what we're looking at."

Ziegler didn't rule out animal being taken away from the property.

Zorn says she's finally hopeful that a solution will be found for both the animals Winckelmann.

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Leon County, FL -- February 3, 2012 --

A Leon County ordinance limits the numbers of pets you can own.

Animal Control arrived at a home on Wide Road Thursday. Neighbors had complained about excessive barking. Animal Control says more than 50 dogs live at the home there. Owners of more than 31 cats and dogs need a permit. But only if they're guilty of two violations in a two year period.

While the owner does not have a permit, She has not been found guilty of two or more violations either. The ordinance took effect in October for Leon County.


Leon County, FL -- February 2, 2012 --

Neighbors on Wide Road in Leon County say they've had enough of the smells and constant barking coming from one of the homes there.

"It's just pure misery living next across the street from this lady," says David McCranie, a neighbor.

Neighbors on Wide Road say they've been dealing with this for years.The constant barking and the smells are coming from this home neighbors say is overrun by dogs.

"The smell, constantly everyday, especially when it rains, the noise the little beeper she's got over there that tries to keep the dogs quiet," says Brandon McCranie.

Animal Control Officers responded to the repeated complaints and went to the home of Christine Winckelmann.

"They heard some dogs barking or acting aggressive with themselves inside and were concerned about the welfare of the dogs," says Richard Ziegler of Leon County Animal Control.

They inspected the property. But there was no evidence of any abuse of neglect of the more than 50 dogs animal control says are living on the property.

"A lot of the animals look really good. There's water. Food buckets were empty, but the person just got home," says Ziegler.

Animal Control did issue to two citations to Winckelmann for barking dogs. But neighbors say they want to see more done.

"I'd like to see these dogs out of here. They're not people friendly," says Brandon McCranie.

Animal Control says Winckelmann has been cited before for loose dogs and inhumane care. Winckelmann declined to comment.

Winckelmann will head to civil court to handle the citations. A court date has not been set at this time.

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