Governor Won't Open Enterprise Florida Investigation

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A taxpayer funded group under fire for its spending won't be investigated.

As we first reported wednesday, Integrity Florida director Dan Krassner sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott asking him to have his inspector general investigate enterprise Florida.

However, Scott told our CBS affiliate in West Palm Beach he won't do it.

He also said Enterprise Florida is doing a good job.

The group has come under fire for spending money on lavish expenses like luxury suites at sporting events. Its purpose is to recruit business to Florida.

"Thankfully, the issue of Enterprise Florida is bi-partisan," said Integrity Florida Director Dan Krassner. "They were a mess when they were created by Democrats and they've been a mess under Republicans," he said. "Republicans and Democrats have bills to finally hold them accountable," said Krassner.

Krassner says because Governor Scott and the executive branch won't hold Enterprise Florida accountable, the legislative branch needs to take action.

More than $21,000 spent at Yankee Stadium on luxury suites and other purchases.

$7100 spent at Cowboy Stadium in Texas.

Another $4,400 spent for Atlanta Braves baseball.

Those items are just part of the expenses spent by Enterprise Florida, a group designed to recruit business to the state and more than 97 percent funded with tax money.

"There are certainly many red flags," said Integrity Florida Director Dan Krassner.

Krassner has sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott asking the chief inspector general to investigate Enterprise Florida's spending.

It comes after our CBS station in West Palm Beach, WPEC News 12 reviewed 102 pages of spending.

They found more than half a million dollars charged to American Express credit cards for unknown purposes.

"Serious questions need to be asked and the governor's inspector general should investigate," said Krassner.

In a statement from Enterprise Florida it notes the organization abides by the law and received "a clean opinon on its audited financial statements."

The statement goes on to say marketing the state to key decision makers is critical to achieving our mission and "events like these are one such component of that effort."

"Enterprise Florida's job is to recruit companies to expand here Gray Swoope and his team are doing a very good job," said Governor Scott.

But Krassner points out Governor Scott serves as board chair of Enterprise Florida.

In 2012 that board gave its top 3 executives unlimited signing authority to make significant purchases.

Records show Enterprise Florida has spent $300-million since it was formed.

The initial promise was to bring 200,000 jobs to the state by this point.

So far, the group has added 87,000 jobs.

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