Top New Year's Resolutions, What's Yours?

Tallahassee, FL -

Shannon Havlicnk is getting back on the wagon--or the elliptical. Her New Year's resolution is to get fit.

She says, "I got really busy with school and I was focusing on my work and outside curricular activities. I never really had time to come to the gym. But, now that I wanted to get started and make it a habit."

Experts say one of the best ways to stick to your New Year's Resolution of getting fit is accountability -- try to find a work out partner.

Joe Burtoft, the general manager at Gold's Gym General Manager on Capital Circle in Tallahassee, says, "I think the thing that helps people last the longest is just being consistent, have a reasonable and reachable goal, sticking to that making actual times that you're going to come to the gym." says getting fit and losing weight fall under, spending more time with family and friends, as top New Year's resolutions.

Quitting smoking is number four, followed by enjoying life more.

Enjoying life is something Tallahassee resident Dottie McPherson has no problem with. She says, "My resolution is to make more people laugh because I laugh all day everyday, all of the time. It builds endorphins and it makes you healthier. I want everybody to live as long as I'm going to live because I'm going to make it to 100. I plan to spend this next year working toward that goal."

McPherson's friend, Linda Palmer, says, "Dotty's goal is to be as outrageous as possible. She's already been doing that for a lot of people and she's not going to change."

Some things just don't need changing in the new year.

Numbers 6 - 10 on's top resolutions list are: quit drinking, get out of debt, learn something new, help others, and get organized.

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