North Florida and South Georgia Churches Bring Awareness to Domestic Violence

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October 3, 2015

Purple painted the room of Rosedale Community Church in Chatahoochee, Florida. Members were wearing the color in honor of those affected by domestic violence.

For Antawn Walker it's personal. His entire family was killed because of a domestic dispute between his sister and her boyfriend.

"I lost my mom, my two sisters, and a little cousin back in 2004,” said Walker.

This service was part of "Any Given Sunday" a community wide effort amongst churches in the North Florida and South Georgia area, as well as one church in Kenya, Africa. For the month of October each church will address different aspects of domestic violence.

Rosedale Community Church kicked off the movement with the theme "Don't Color Me Purple”. The church combined the service with Youth Sunday and focused on the generational pattern of domestic violence.

We do care and we're trying to combat against that so we can stop some of the violence in the families and in our neighborhoods,” said Pastor Terry and Tella Frost of Rosedale Community Church.

Pastor Frost encouraged more churches join the movement, and Antawn Walker agreed. He said this tour is just the beginning.

“I think it will be a great movement if we just keep it going and not just stop at this moment, just keep going,” said Walker.

The next stop will be Sunday October 11th at life church of Bainbridge located at 1933 Tallahassee Highway, Bainbridge, Ga. Service begins at 11am.

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