Occupy Wall Street Comes To Valdosta

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Valdosta, GA -- October 14, 2011 --

Dozens of protesters march through the streets of Valdosta.
They organized near VSU and their list of places to demonstrate includes Bank of America, the local newspaper, two courthouses and the Chamber of Commerce.

Waving signs, fists, and the American Flag, the ever growing movement "Occupy Wall Street" has reached Southern Georgia.

"I see it as a change that's happening in this country; it's happening across the world right now. There's political unrest everywhere," said protester Patrick Stanley.

The size of the rally is impossible to ignore.
More than 100 chanting protesters cry out against what they call government oppression.
It's enough to keep police on guard.

"We were told that if you go on private property, if we got off the sidewalks, who ever does it will be arrested," said Bobbie Hancock, rally organizer.

Chanting before banks, monuments and courthouses, the rally reached its summit at the Chamber of Commerce.
There the crowd cried two familiar words: 'No Consolidation'.
In a demonstration designed to fight corporate greed and social inequality, the protest ultimately turned to the fate of the school systems and the children of Valdosta.
"My children go to city schools. I live in the county. I can't vote. That's not right," said Susan Smith.
School Consolidation is impossible to ignore at this point with the election just weeks away.

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