Paula The Octopus Predicts Super Bowl Winner

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Betting on the big game is big business. Hours are spent compiling stats and figuring out the odds.

The folks at the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab in Panacea say it's a lot simpler than that. Paula the Octopus seems to think the Giants will win.

"If Paula predicts the giants and the Giants win, all I can say is it's an incredible question of how that happened. Is it just chance?" said Jack Rudloe, President of the lab.

Two crabs, each in its own box. One labeled Giants, the other Patriots. Whichever she eats first, that's the predicted winner.

"I mean, the octopus is by far one of the smartest animals in the ocean. It's very cool, but, um, you know, the sea turtle, everybody loves sea turtles," said Cypress Rudloe, Executive Director of the lab.

In an unofficial experiment, we decided to check and see what other specimens in the lab thought. With Patriots and Giants papers in our hands, we waved them next to various sea creatures.

A horseshoe crab and one other crab chose the Giants. A shark was given the choice of two fish to eat, one in front of the Patriots sign, another the Giants. The shark chose the Giants. Only one crab chose the Patriots. As for Paula the Octopus, she chose the Giants.

"Octopus are smart animals, but, uh, the Patriots have it. I disagree with the octopus," said Cypress Rudloe.

If Paula's right, people who take part in sports betting might want to reconsider their sources.

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