Suwannee River Could be Contaminated After Lowndes Sewer Spill

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By Eames Yates
April 27, 2013

Suwannee County, FL -

The Florida Department of Health has issued an advisory to residents in counties surrounding the Withlacoochee and Suwannee Rivers. They may be contaminated as a result of a Lowndes County Sewer line that burst on Thursday.

Steve Brisco vacations in Suwannee County. He said "that alerts me and alarms me. You know we all enjoy the Suwanee River and the river's all around so to know we have to deal with the pollution issue, wow that's a big shock."

More than a million gallons of raw sewage flowed into the Withlacoochee River before Lowndes County workers stopped the spill. The Florida Department of Health is encouraging people avoid any contact with the rivers until further notice.

Carolyn Greenleaf lives in Suwannee County. She said "anthing that's in the water, even boating, you know if it's contaminated what does that do to you, make you sick. You just don't know, I would stay as far away from it as I could."

If you do come in contact with the water make sure to wash thoroughly, especially before eating or drinking. Because the Withlacoochee connects with the Suwannee, it's not just a Georgia problem.

Travis Luttrell also vacations in Suwannee County. He said "it's a pretty big administrative challenge between the two governors. And is something that needs to be worked out between state to state and hopefully we can overcome the administrative challenges it might take to fix these kinds of problems."

The Florida Department of Health also issued the advisory for Hamilton, Levy, Lafayette and Madison counties.

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