Petition to Recall Quincy Commissioner Denied

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By: Lanetra Bennett
March 10, 2015

Quincy, FL - A judge has made a decision in the request to have a Quincy city commissioner removed. The judge has denied that petition.

A group of Quincy residents signed a petition to have Commissioner Micah Brown recalled.

Court documents say, "the petition alleges incompetence, misfeasance, and malfeasance." Petitioners say Brown practiced unethical behavior.

Chief Judge Charles Frances wrote, "These allegations are legally insufficient". He says in the documents, "a recall election is unwarranted and will not be ordered."

Commissioner Brown and Quincy Mayor Derrick Elias call it a victory for the City of Quincy.

Mayor Elias says, "This is very important for us because in trying to recall Commissioner Brown, it was an indictment not only against Commission Brown, but, the City of Quincy and others involved as well. So, we certainly agree with the judge's decision. From the onset, we didn't think that it had any merit."

Commissioner Brown says, "These past few months for me has made me stronger and more determined than ever. I believe in this city. I'm going to continue to have the faith and I'm going to continue to make good decision for the betterment of this community."

Quincy resident Leonard Newton says, "That's a big sham. The citizens are outraged. You still have 245 people that signed a recall petition. They said Micah Brown did nothing wrong. But, you got 245 people he has to answer to in an election."

Gadsden County Commissioner Sherrie Taylor says residents were given false information to get them to sign the petition.

An appeal to the recall denial has been filed with the First District Appeals Court. In a statement, the Recall Committee says it is confident that this decision will be overturned.

By: Andy Alcock
September 24, 2014

Quincy, FL - Micah Brown was elected to the Quincy City Commission last year.

Now a group of citizens wants him removed from office.

"We have a commissioner who stepped outside the scope of his ability," said District 2 Recall Committee Chair Emanuel Sapp.

Specifically Sapp points to a utility bill for a non-profit after school business called "Children Are Our Future".

It's run by Gadsden County Commissioner Sherrie Taylor.

Sapp and his group claim Brown used his influence with the city manager to get more than $240 of late fees reduced from her bill because Taylor supported his election campaign.

"That bill was reduced, that's not ethical and that's not part of the job," Sapp said.

"I don't believe that Commissioner Brown to my knowledge has done anything wrong, utility bills are adjusted if there's a necessity," said Quincy Mayor Derrick Elias.

Taylor reached by phone says the accusations are false.

She says Brown has had nothing to do with her utility bill.

Interim city manager Mike Wade also says the accusations are false and further stated that penalty credits haven't been applied.

Sapp, who chairs the recall committee, is the husband of Angela Sapp who lost her bid for re-election to the city commission to Micah Brown.

"Former Commissioner Sapp is probably still disheartened by he fact that she lost that election which he won fair and square," said Elias.

Sapp says the recall petition, with 210 names on it, more than double the number needed, has been submitted to the Gadsden County Supervisor of Elections for her review.

Quincy's clerk says the recall vote will not appear on the November ballot.

A review process is expected to take a couple of months before the recall could move forward.

We were unable to reach Commissioner Brown for comment.

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