Quitman Woman Suing Wendy's And Tyson Foods After Nearly Choking On Bone At Local Restaurant

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Winnie Wright
May 28, 2014

Valdosta, GA - It all started at the Wendy's on North Ashley Street in Valdosta. 30 year old Janesia Stroud says she and her family were enjoying a day out when they stopped for lunch.

"I bit into one of the chicken nuggets and I noticed it was something hard, and I started to swallow, and as I was swallowing, I started coughing, and almost choking and gagging off of what I was eating. I got a napkin and spit it out and l looked and it was ground. It looked like something ground up and hard." she says. "And then, when I broke the chicken nugget apart, I noticed that it was an object that appeared to be like a bone, or a toothpick looking item."

The Quitman resident says doctors diagnosed her with pharyngitis after the incident. She says she's been on medication, but is still feeling the effects of the bone. Now, her attorneys are suing the fast food giant, as well as Tyson Foods, who the lawsuit alleges produced the chicken, for $3 million. Wendy's says they have not received any notification that a lawsuit has been filed.

"We are investigating and taking this matter seriously. The quality and integrity of our food is paramount and important to us. We have had no other complaints, to date, of this being a problem", says BJ Lowenthal, President of the Local Wendy's Franchise.

Dan Fogleman, Spokesman for Tyson Foods had this to say, “Tyson prides itself on providing safe, nutritious products. We’re not aware of any similar complaints, so we would not be able to address Ms. Stroud’s claims until we've had a chance to review the facts of the case.”

Stroud says she is hesitant to go out to eat after the incident.