Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks at Kendrick Johnson Rally

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By Eames Yates
May 4, 2013

Valdosta, GA -

Reverend Al Sharpton said "I'm going to start this off with five hundred dollars cash."

Reaching into his own wallet Reverend Al Sharpton added his cash to a reward fund he said he wants set up for any information that could prove 17-year old Kendrick Johnson's death was not an accident.

Al Sharpton went on to sing "we want justice.... got to have justice."

The Serenity Christian Church in Valdosta hosted the famous reverend. Hundreds of people packed the church to hear the reverend lend his support to the Johnson family.

Susie Kier is Kendrick's aunt. She said "it puts Valdosta on the map for real. And it lets the people of Valdosta Georgia know that Kendrick Johnson's life stood for something. Let them know that he was a great little boy. That we loved him dearly."

An autopsy report completed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says the Lowndes High School student died accidentely as a result of positional asphyxia. His parents don't believe the report and have protested how the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office handled the investigation of their sons death.

Reverend Al Sharpton said "we're going to rally together. We're going to get answers together. We want Valdosta to know, no justice no peace. no justice no peace."
Valdosta, GA - The Rev. Al Sharpton is preparing to speak tonight in Valdosta to family and friends of Kendrick Johnson.

Kendrick Johnson or "KJ" died at Lowndes County High School back in January. His body was found in rolled up gym mats, and while the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office has ruled the death accidental, some argue that ruling.

Tonight another rally for Kendrick Johnson is scheduled to begin at 4pm at Serenity Church, 1619 North Lee Street in Valdosta.

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