Sabal Trail Transmission Opens Office in Valdosta

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Winnie Anne Wright
December 27, 2013

Valdosta - Agents representing three counties affected by the Sabal Trail Natural Gas Pipeline will occupy the new office on North Patterson Street.

The Valdosta office is not the first office on the pipeline's route. Susan Waller, with spectra energy says there are multiple offices in communities that are hosting the pipeline project.

"Having a local office for Sabal Trail really gives us the opportunity to be closer to the community. The residents and the different land owners that are affected by this, in the study corridor, I think it gives them an opportunity to get to know our representatives, and I do believe it improves and enhances our relationship with the community", says Waller.

She says the agents in the office are available by appointment only and will be in and out of the office frequently.

She encourages Stakeholders with concerns to call 1-888-596-7732.