Madison Co. High School students win big with science fair projects

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By: Erin Lisch
May 24, 2016

MADISON, Fla. (WCTV) -- Walking into Madison County High School, you see hundreds of teenagers.

Walking into one of the science labs, you see sophomores Eric Rykard and Drew French.

They have their science projects up and on display, and they're not your typical volcano or solar system type science projects.

When asked about his project Eric Rykard said,"I wanted to do something that would help benefit the world."

Eric Rykard is adjusting diets of cattle to reduce their emission of methane gas. After ten days, he finds feeding them ginger root reduces the gas they make!

When asked about the results, Eric said, "Finding an actual way to reduce the amount of methane that they produce can have many long term effects for the benefit of the Earth."

He took this research to the International Sustainable World Project Olympiad.

"It's a world event, the playing ground is pretty much equal to have anyone, for anyone to have an equal opportunity to compete and win," said Eric.

He won big! A Korean Science Service Award, a gold medal and more than $1,000 in cash prizes.

Just across the room, is Drew French, "Here's the stitch one above the pad one below the pad."

Drew French's experiment monitors the temperature of our feet through a pair of socks. He hopes it can develop into a system alerting diabetics if they're at risk of foot ulcers.

When asked how it feels about doing this project Drew said, "It's amazing that I got my prototype to work but really want to get the final one done, because this is something that afflicts many people and it could help."

Drew took his idea to the International Science and Engineering Fair, he walked away with a $48,000 scholarship to the University of Arizona.

Just attending the fair is an award itself Drew said, "Probably one of my favorite thing are the badges that I get because it's not all about winning, it's the experience of going to it."

Two young men, getting life long experiences, poised to take over the world of science.

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