Sinkhole Woes In Madison County [GALLERY]

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Press Release: Tim Bennett Madison City Manager

MADISON, FL (July 5, 2013) — A sinkhole triggered City of Madison crews today to barricade a portion of NW Crane Avenue stretching from US 90 to NW Marion Street. Repair will begin Monday.

The sinkhole, approximately two feet wide, is bordered by additional cracks in the asphalt and opens up into an underground cavity in the area of what appears to be one of the city’s sewer lines. A Wastewater Department crew, with assistance from other city departments as needed, will conduct the repair.

Police Chief Gary Calhoun has spoken with Hospital CEO David Abercrombie to put a plan in place to handle hospital-construction traffic that routinely uses Crane Avenue. Additionally, city staff has spoken with Citizens State Bank concerning a plan for employees and customers to access services at the bank.

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