Sinkhole Opens In Leon County Neighborhood

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By Matt Galka
August 28, 2013

Leon County, FL - Residents in a Tallahassee neighborhood found a sinkhole had opened up close to their homes, but Leon County officials say everything is fine...

"[It] gives us more opportunity to get flood water in here," says Timberlake Homeowners Association President, Gerald Bell, looking at a sinkhole that opened up in a stormwater lake close to the neighborhood.

Reporter: "Are you worried about the neighborhood?"

Gerald Bell, Timberlake Homeowners Association President: "Not now, at first it may have been not knowing what the extent of it was, but now it seems to have stabilized enough that it doesn't seem to be a problem to the neighborhood."

There is a protective area around the 15 foot wide sinkhole, but Leon County Public Works officials say that the houses across the lake have nothing to worry about.

Theresa Heiker, Leon County Stormwater Management: "We have no reason to believe that there's any risk to the homes from the sinkhole that's developed at the pond."

Theresa Heiker goes on to say that there's no mystery around why it developed-- all of Tallahassee's wet weather.

Theresa Heiker, Leon Co Stormwater Management: "We have evidence that there's a shallow layer of limestone that has eroded, just with the rainstorms, that has collapsed into a hole."

Gerald Bell, Timberlake Homeowners Association President: "Hahaha, I guess if you like sinkholes, it's cool looking, it gives the geese someplace to walk around instead of having to swim."

Leon County engineers have inspected the site. They're expecting a report on it today and will then determine if and how they need to cap the sinkhole.

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