Two Sinkholes Open In Tallahassee Family's Front Yard

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Winnie Wright
May 5, 2014, 11pm

Tallahassee, FL - A Tallahassee family says they woke up to their dogs barking,, and found their grill in a small sinkhole in their front yard.

"It's completely weird for us because even though we've lived in Florida for 14 years, we've never heard about that. Never. So for me it was a crazy thing that happened", says resident Erika Rojas.

Rojas says her family has lived in the home in front of Munson lake for two years. She says they noticed the ground was getting softer the last couple of weeks, but also says they could have never imagined they would have two sinkholes right in their front yard.

Resident Omar Perez has built a construction out of a bed frame that he says will come crashing down if the sinkhole continues to get any larger and come towards their home. He says he got the idea from living in Cuba, where they sometimes will construct things in front of the front door to alert them of intruders. He also says they have to-go back packs ready. They have water and food and they'll go to a hotel tonight, if necessary, and then make sure they can get their kids to school tomorrow.

"I've never seen anything like this before in my life. I just tried to put some noise in the night to wake us up because we won't realize what is there", says Perez.

According to the Public Works Department, because the sinkhole is on private property, the homeowner is responsible for filling the hole. Rojas says the landlord has come by and said he will fill it with concrete, but in the mean time, the family is left building homemade barriers to keep their children and pets out of the holes.

Mrs. Rojas says her family was told today that a sinkhole actually opened in the road right in front of their home shortly before they moved in. She says if their landlord had told them that, they never would have moved there in the first place.

By: Winnie Wright
May 5, 2014, 5pm

Sinkholes have opened up on Carson Drive in Tallahassee.

According to the Public Works Department, the sinkholes are not threatening.

The homeowner says the smaller sinkhole opened up yesterday and swallowed up a grill. The larger hole was much smaller yesterday and has expanded as the day has progressed. The homeowners set up a fence to keep their dogs and kids out of the holes.

It is unclear who is responsible for filling in the holes.

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