Softball Slams Through FSU Student's Car Window

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By: Spencer Allen
April 13, 2016

"It was like BAM! It was like huge, you know?" Denisse Guenoun explained, moving her hands.

Denisse is Junior at Florida State. She was searching for a parking spot in the lot next to the FSU women's softball field when she got the surprise of a lifetime.

"So baseball practice just smashed my window. We were driving," she says in a snapchat video after the incident occurred.

That baseball was actually a softball, and Denisee never saw it coming. There are signs around the parking lot but Denisse explains she was caught off guard.

"Park at your own risk, beware of flying balls, but come on, who's actually looking out for a flying ball? We don't have any type of control over that."

Major James Russell of the FSU Police Department notes, "We see it all the time on TV, somebody knocks a home run out and you know there's a parking lot on the other side of that."

According to Russell, these accidents are rare. FSU Police say they have recorded four cases of damaged windows like this since 2008.

So say you're cruising down campus and one of these softballs comes flying through your window. Who's responsible?

Lynne McChristian, an insurance industry expert, tells us, "Typically you're responsible for your own actions so if an individual accidentally did something like that and broke a windshield it would be that individuals responsibility."

She says if you don't know who did it, you might still be covered.

"You can file a claim under your own insurance policy to get that damage taken care of," explains McChristian.

Denisee is now working on scheduling repairs. She worries about others.

"These are kids who are parking there every single day this is dangerous if that would've hit my window I would have been in the hospital right now," Guenoun pleads.

Thankfully, it was a close call that only resulted in window damage, but didn't take her out of the game.

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