State Layoffs First, Cities and Counties Next

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Tallahassee, FL - Rocked by state worker layoffs, Workforce Plus, the capital area employment agency, is offering cash to businesses that create jobs for the unemployed.

Kimberly Moore says, "When the bell rings signifying the start of school this August, there will be a lot of open spots in teacher parking lots across the state. School districts dealing with fewer dollars will be making the tough decision about who to keep and who to let go."

Fewer dollars from the state and falling property values are putting a big dent in education budgets. The story is the same with county governments.

Early estimates showed as many as 10,000 layoffs in schools alone. It now looks like there won't be as many school layoffs, but no one will know for sure until August.

That's when school and county budgets will be finalized.

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