'Stitches for Sisters' Event Helping Cancer Patients

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Alicia Turner
July 29, 2015 5:24 pm

THOMASVILLE, Ga. -- According to the American Cancer Society, a majority of patients battling the disease will lose their hair at some point during treatment. Now a group in Thomasville is doing what they can to offer a level of comfort to those patients through knitting.

Volunteers are told to pick a color yarn, pick a spot in the store, and then knit until their heart's content.

"Stitching and playing with fiber is so therapeutic, and rewarding. We hardly need an excuse to do it. This is just a great way for us to channel that desire of ours, to play with the fiber to do something amazing," said Kidwell.

Cadence Kidwell is the owner of Fuzzy Goat and the host of Stitches for Sisters. Volunteers started the monthly event earlier this summer to give back to those battling cancer, and dealing with the effects of treatment.

"It makes you feel like somebody out there cares about your struggle. Like they care about what's going on with you, and that they want to make something for you," Kidwell explained.

Some of these hats take as long as three hours to make. Since the beginning of Stitches for Sisters they've donated as least 20 to cancer patients; some of them they've never even met.

“So many times we feel helpless, or we're not sure what to do. Some of the people that come are ones that know somebody specifically, or maybe they've already lost someone. This is their way of helping them through that loss," Kidwell said.

Once the hats are finished they are donated to cancer patients at the Archbold Medical Center in Thomasville.

This month's Stitches for Sisters is set for Thursday July 30. It will be held at the Fuzzy Goat in Thomasville. It is free to the public and anyone is invited to come out and support.

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