TCC Employees Face Cuts Due To Obamacare

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It's called the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare.

But the new federal mandate to provide health insurance is making the lives of some local part time employees less affordable.

Daryl Howard is a public safety officer at Tallahassee Community College's Midway campus.

He's been a part-time employee for five years and it's his only job.

Recently he was told come July 1st, his hours will be cut from about 40 to a low of 24 so the college won't have to pay him health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act.

As a result, the divorced father of nine children is now facing a 40 percent pay cut.

"I have seven daughters and I have two sons and I have a responsibility to take care of them," said Howard.

Howard is far from alone.

According to TCC, they currently have 639 other personal services or OPS employees, the college's budget term for part-time.

None of them get health insurance benefits.

More than 30 OPS employees have been moved to full time with full benefits.

While decisions on other OPS employees haven't been made yet, many of them like Howard will have their hours cut to avoid the federal health insurance mandate for part timers working 30 or more hours.

It takes effect January 1st.

"We had the hard task of looking at our part time employees and looking at our budget as well," said Jacqueline Steele of TCC's Human Resources Department.

"To lose 40 percent of my pay puts me in a very, very uncomfortable position," said Howard.

Reporter: "This is going to be a pretty big financial hit for some of these part time people is it not?"
Steele: "Yes definitely, especially in his case."

"I really believe the system is at fault," said Howard. "I really don't blame anybody personally," he said.

Steele says she welcomes Howard to come and apply for full time work with the college.

He says he's tried multiple times to get promoted to full-time work, but hasn't been able to get it.

He plans to look for another part time job.

Steele says other academic institutions and businesses are facing the same issue due the implementation of Obamacare.

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