Tallahassee Woman Accused of Elder Exploitation

Julie Montanaro
June 10, 2015

A caretaker is accused of using an elderly man's credit cards to pay thousands of dollars worth of her own bills.

Ekemi Tinson is facing charges of exploitation of the elderly.

A Tallahassee Police Department investigation revealed Tinson used an 88 year old man's credit card to pay her insurance and cable bills and they suspect she used it to buy groceries too. Arrest papers say the man also co-signed her application for a car loan.

Tinson told police she had the man's permission, but he must have forgotten. Court papers say Tinson admitted she used the man's credit card to make about $4,000 dollars worth of personal purchases, but says the money was considered "a loan" and she had already paid back some of the money.

The elderly man's son alerted police after reviewing his father's credit card statement.