Teacher, Rookie Teacher, and School-Related Employee of the Year Announced in Gadsden Co.

By: Lanetra Bennett
January 7, 2016

GADSDEN COUNTY, Fla. -- Gadsden County's Teacher of the Year, Rookie Teacher of the Year, and School-Related Employee of the Year have been named.

Vira Wynn was the first to be surprised Thursday. She was chosen as the 2016 Gadsden County School-Related Employee of the Year.

Superintendent Reginald James and other district and school administrators surprised Wynn at Chattahoochee Elementary School.

Wynn is a paraprofessional. She has worked with pre-K E.S.E. at Chattahoochee Elementary for the past three years. She has 16 years experience with the Gadsden County School District.

She was so overwhelmed when she was surprised with her honor. that she had to sit down. Nearly in tears, she talked about her interview with the selection committee. She said, "I told them before I left that it was all God. But, before I ended with God, I told them, you give me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack."

The excitement didn't stop there. The administrators hopped on a bus to East Gadsden High School, where the Teacher of the Year was.

Erica Farmer was surprised in her classroom. She is a history teacher of nine years. This is her second time winning "Teacher of the Year." The first time she won was in 2011.

Farmer said, "I come every day thinking okay, this was me sitting in this chair about so many years ago--I won't tell you how many--or it could be my child ten years from now sitting in those chairs. So, I give it 200 percent."

The final stop was for the "Rookie Teacher of the Year."

That honor went to 8th grade algebra teacher, Abria Harris at Havana Magnet School.

He said, "It's for the love of the kids. I'm valued. This is where I'm from. I'm invested here, so that's why I want to see the best for this district."

The winners weren't chosen until Thursday. The selection committee wanted to make the announcement as soon as possible to make sure everyone was truly surprised.

All three winners will now represent Gadsden County in the statewide competition.

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