Helping Others on Thanksgiving

By: Alicia Turner
November 27, 2014

For 11 years now folks in Thomasville have gathered to bring a hot meal to those less fortunate on Thanksgiving.

Stephanie Haaren Volunteer said, "It's a tradition that I've done for about five years now and I just think it's really awesome to be able to come together young and old and just to be able to reach out to the community to people that aren't able to leave their homes that may not have family members or friends here and that we can all just kind of get together and show some love on everyone."

There were more than 200 volunteers at Thursdays event, and they were preparing to serve food to almost 1,000 people for Thanksgiving.

Cole Heborn Volunteer said, "It's fun to be able to see people and the joy of delivering someone a meal who cant come out and get it, that's just a feeling you never forget."

This holiday is usually a time that families spend with each other.

Organizers says when the event started they were worried it wouldn't get the response needed to feed a large amount of people.

"It's just been amazing to see how many people come out from the community because it's a family time and so I was concerned when we first started that not many people were going to show up, but it's really been amazing to see how many people bring their whole family out to serve and sacrifice part of their Thanksgiving to give back to the community," said Bryan Watt, event organizer.

There was also a coat closet and a can drive for people to either donate or pick items up that they needed.

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