The Magic of Reading: UGA's Malcolm Mitchell Back in Valdosta

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By:Erin Lisch

March 27, 2016

VALDOSTA, Ga.-Red and UGA logos everywhere at Valdosta Middle School, the reason?

Univeristy of Georigia's, Malcolm Mitchell makes a visit, "I still love playing football, I 'll keep playing till my body tells me I cant, but when I began to read life became way more than football."

Reading turned into writing, and the thing he's signing, a book.
A book he wrote, called The Magician's Hat...all starting off with a rabbit (he was inspired by magic through the Hunger Games series).

"This rabbit was helping kids, and I was like eh that might not be cool enough but then I said what's true magic? And the magician always takes off his hat, and pulls something out of it, so what better than a book," said Mitchell.

Now an advocate for children's literacy, Mitchell's hometown teachers tell us who is was.

VHS's Holly Stone says he wasn't a quiet one to say the least, "I didn't know if I wanted to teach that class, he was a bit of a wild child."

But watching him grow through the years Stone said,"He's turned into such a man who wants to make a difference on the field, but more with kids and giving back to the community, it makes you proud.."

Valdosta High's Jefferies Eldridge said, " I'm so excited for him, I 'm so proud of him, he's just...He's really just overachieved with this thing."

Leaving many proud of his accomplishments so far.

"He makes everyone around him, want to be a better person..And it's just I don't know.. He just takes my breathe away, he's just amazing," said Stone while holding back tears.

An amazing inspiration for young kids on and off the field.