Thomasville Business Going Green

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By: Alicia Turner
April 26, 2016

THOMASVILLE, Ga. -- Precision Auto in Thomasville is the first commercial business to use solar panels. The company is definitely taking advantage of the sunny weather we've been having, all while saving money.

Every single light inside the auto detail shop is now powered by the sun, and they’re LED. The process all starts on the roof, rays go in the panel, through a converter and then light up the business.

Wayne Beggs with Triangle Energy installed these panels, he said the sun is too great a source not to use.

"The sun is the most powerful energy source we have," Beggs said.

Business owners made the decision to go green four years ago. They started with changes to the building's structure, like a foam roof.

Now, the next step, solar panels and LED lights. It was a move the business said is cost effective and good for the environment. They said so far, they've cut energy consumption by more than half.

"There's an option or a second choice. We’re really just using today's technology to become more efficient and provide savings in overhead," said Beggs.

Even with the solar panels, the business still relies on the city for some energy. Unlike Florida, Georgians taking advantage of the sun cannot store energy not used, whether over the weekend or overnight.

"Certainly going green is a good thing, and we are there to support customers in this endeavor,” said Don Attkinson, with the City of Thomasville.

An endeavor, lighting the way for other businesses.

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