Thomasville Church Members Volunteer Around the Community

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July 11, 2015

This Thomasville neighborhood is getting a little tender love and care from local church members. They are participating in project backyard a bi-monthly event put on by inside out nation.

"It's really all about getting different races and ages, churches and denominations all together because we believe together we can be a force for good and force for change,” said organizer Bryan Watt.

Saturday members from over 25 churches were spread out among Thomasville giving back to the community. Here at wood valley volunteers passed out bags of food, repainted the playground, and even had a kid’s corner.

"We're doing bubbles and jump rope. We're doing little art activities, we have a bible story and we'll sing a song and do a bible verse and then we'll eat and have snacks,” said volunteer Michelle Watt, cousin of Bryan Watt.

Residents say they're happy to have to volunteers in their neighborhood.

"Nice to see them come out and do a lot of stuff for a lot of folks. You know getting the community together and all that I like it,” said Charles Samuel, Wood Valley Resident.

Volunteers say they take joy in serving the community and have high hopes of reaching and connecting as many people as possible.

"This way we can develop relationships with these families and hopefully they will develop a relationship with the lord and then possibly get involved in church,” said Michelle Watt.

To find out how you can get involved visit

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