UPKUDO's Youngest Sensei

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12-year-old Brittney Roddenberry is the youngest person ever to achieve the level of black belt and continue on to become a Sensei in UPKUDO.

"You have to try very hard and focus - just give it your best." Brittney says.

But the Sensei belt wasn't just handed to her, Brittney's been training since she was 2-years-old. Brittney's parents were there every step of the way as her teachers and her grandmother, Master Anne, teared up when belting the young woman she calls her UPKUDO baby.

Master Anne Radke says, "She used to run underneath our legs and we'd say Brittney alert Brittney alert but she's always loved to come to class. She's never stopped in 10 years."

Brent and Lisa Roddenberry, Brittney's parents say, "When she stuck around and wanted to do it, I was like wow that's cool. We can do it together as a family and learn from each other."

And the discipline goes beyond the karate mat, the humble straight 'A' student says she's not done yet. "I'm going to try to get my Renchi belt and try to become a master."

Brittney's not the only one in her family to make UPKUDO history. Master Anne is the first woman to ever achieve such a high level ... Her daughter, Lisa, is also a master. But Tuesday night was all about Brittney

UPKUDO has been around for 36 years and works on the philosophy "Positive Input, Positive Output" and "Love Always Wins".

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