Local Community Goes Solar

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The City of Valdosta and Lowndes County plugged into one of the largest solar arrays in Georgia Thursday.

The $1.4 million Wiregrass Solar project was built on two acres of land, which will produce 350-thousand kilowatts per hour of electricity annually for the next 30 years.

On average that will come out to about nine cents per kilowatt hour.

The city says solar is the future and on Thursday it lit the way.

"As we move along in the future and produce more alternative sources that become more prevalent and thus the cost comes down on producing that energy, it will lower our bill hopefully overall," said Mayor John Fretti.

There are 1,100 solar panels here, but organizers say the most surprising part is it took 18 months to find financing, but it only took five days to build.

If you're wondering what made Valdosta such a popular spot to build the solar arrays, the company, Hannah Solar says it was the attraction of the Wiregrass Biomass plant and...

"The second is the sun. We get some incredible sun down here in Valdosta and it's a longer solar day because we're farther south," said Hannah Solar CEO Pete Marte.

With those two positives, organizers are hoping solar power gives this community the BOOST its looking for.

Marte says they first turned the solar array on back on April 5Th and if it was used to power a Chevy Volt, the car could've gone 14-hundred miles running on just solar power.

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