Car-Sized Yellow Jacket's Nest Still Buzzing Around Madison County

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By: Garin Flowers
March 13, 2014

A yellow jacket nest is still buzzing around a Madison County home.

We first told you about the nest in Greenville, Fla last year. It's hanging in a tree across the street from the home of Norman and Pat Bush and is about the size of a VW bug.

The couple said they've worked to get rid of it, but no one has helped.

The yellow jackets have been dormant for the last few months with winter. Nonetheless, they still want it gone, because smaller ones are now forming down the tree.

"It's good to know that maybe they are gone, because I mean it's so close to my house. You know if they were to swarm on to somebody it would be really dangerous, but we've fortunate so far no body's got stung," Norman Bush said.

Madison County Animal Control said it can't do anything since the nest is on private property. The Bushes have been in contact with the land owner, who they say is open to the idea of it being removed.


By Garin Flowers
July 19, 2013

Madison County, FL - There's an update to a buzzing story we told you about last month.

Madison County Animal Control says a large car-sized nest in a tree is actually a yellow jacket's nest and it's continuing to grow.

It's in Greenville, FL off Lovett Road. The homeowners across the street originally thought it was a hornet's nest.

Not only is the nest continuing to grow, but now smaller ones are being formed all the way down to the bottom of the tree.

"Nothing has happened, there's been no danger so far. We're just afraid somebody is going to get stung, especially the kids. There's a lot of traffic here, a lot of people stop on a daily basis especially on the weekend," said Norman Bush, who lives across the street from the nest with his wife.

The land where the tree resides belongs to a man who lives in Orlando. He is working with the Bush family to figure out how they can get rid of the nests. They're hoping it can be salvaged and put on display somewhere.

By: Garin Flowers
June 12, 2013

It's a story that's creating quite the buzz... A local couple says it's getting attention from across the country for a large problem living across the street.

A little more than a week ago, Norman and Pat Bush discovered a large hornet's nest right near their home in Greenville. They called Madison County Animal Control to check it out. Animal Control told them it's about 20 feet in circumference and about the size of a Volkswagen. It's had people stopping by and checking out the talk of the town.

Rodney Irvine, Greenville resident: "Well, when we heard about it, we came running down here, parked on the side of the road, and stood out and took a look at it... We've been taking pictures of it also."

The Bush's tell us Animal Control has been reaching out to the UF Etymology Department to help remove the large nest. So far, they say nothing has been done. WCTV will continue to follow this story and bring you 'the buzz'.

By: Garin Flowers
June 7, 2013

It's something you'd expect to see on the Discovery Channel, but not in front of your home! A local couple has a large problem flying over their heads...

When Norman and Pat Bush walk outside of their home, they see a massive hornet's nest.

"If they don't bother me I won't bother them," says Norman Bush, the homeowner who lives by the hornet's nest.

This large nest hangs along a tree off of Lovett Road in Greenville, Florida. It's directly across the street from the Bush's home.

Norman Bush: "My grandson was on Facebook the other day, my grandson Ben, and he made a statement the other day-- this guy said 'Why don’t you throw a rock at it?' [Ben] said, 'I did, and they threw it back!'"

After they noticed what they believe is a hornet's nest, and fearing for their safety, they took action.

Mr. Bush called on Madison County Animal Control to come take a look at the situation. They said the nest is approximately 20 feet in circumference and about the size of a Volkswagen.

"I want them to get rid of it ASAP,” says Pat Bush. “I'm afraid of bugs and things like that."

"Yes, it concerns me, somebody wants to come by and shoot it or something like that, I'm sure they would swarm everywhere," Norman Bush says.

The flying insects have not bothered the Bush's, but they don't want to take their chances.

Norman Bush: "It's the biggest one I ever saw."

WCTV reached out to Madison County Animal Control, but they are closed on Fridays. They told the Bush's they plan to contact the University of Florida to help with removal options for the nest.

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