Wakulla County Soon To Have Mandatory Curbside Trash Pickup?

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Wakulla County, FL August 2, 2011 ---

Wakulla County has fallen behind on state regulations for solid waste removal.

County commissioners voted to move forward with an ordinance that would mandate all homeowners to pay an annual fee of $196
for curbside pick up.

'It's going to provide our residents a way to easily dispose of their garbage. And it will provide recycling opportunities for the citizens of Wakulla County," says Wakulla County Commissioner Alan Brock.

"I personally don't want to spend the expense of having someone having to come pick it up and I guarantee you they're not going to recycle," says Margaret Duncan of Wakulla County.

Residents currently pay a fee to take their trash to a county landfill based on the amount of trash. Commissioners will vote on the proposal at the September 5th commission meeting.

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