Wildfires Hit Home For One Georgia Couple

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Long County, Georgia -- March 28, 2011 --

The wildfire in Long County destroyed the home of one couple. It was moving so fast they escaped with just the clothes on their backs.

Thomas and Gladys Patton look at what's left of the items they've accumulated over their 46-year marriage. Only a brick shell remains.

"They told me they were working pretty hard to try to save our property, but there was nothing they could do," Thomas Patton says.

A wildfire burned a trail right through the home. Just before this happened, Mrs. Patton spotted something extremely important she had to grab before escaping.

"There's my Bible. I had to get my Bible. Then I called the grand-kids and said we've got to go now," Gladys Patton says.

"When we got out of there my wife had on some jeans and a shirt she was wearing while working in the backyard. I had on a pair of old work jeans and a t-shirt," Thomas Patton says.

In addition to this one bible, Mrs. Patton also saved a smaller bible that has a big meaning to her.

"it belonged to my sister who's now passed away and it's very special to me," Gladys Patton says, holding the bible.

The couple says although times may be tough now, they know they will make it on the word of God.

"God has a way of lifting you up," Thomas Patton says.

"I know that God is good and he has something else in store for us," Gladys Patton says.

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