Wildlife Rescuers See More Animals, Less Money

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By Kara Duffy
July 30, 2013

Quincy, FL - Wildlife rescuers say they're facing a dilemma. They're seeing an increase in animals that need help, but a decrease in donations.

Folks at the St. Francis Wildlife Association in Quincy, Florida are working around the clock to nurse wild animals, back to health.

Stephanie Neumann, Executive Director St. Francis Wildlife: "We're trying to make sure our wildlife survives, so we can put them back out in the wild where they belong."

Neumann and other rehabbers, say too many animals as of late, and not enough money and space prevent them from doing that.

Neumann: "This year, we're actually down about 20,000 dollars from membership donations and our animal intake has drastically gone through the roof. It's the end of july right now, and we've taken in about 1700 animals...that's a lot of animals."

Chet Powell, Executive Director of Georgia Wildlife Rescue Association: "It's look pretty scary, we're having to refuse animals, refuse taking in animals because we're out of space and money."

Animals experts say the early arrival of Spring and extremely hot summer have also contributed to the problem.

Chet Powell: "You've got babies coming at longer intervals and at odd times; it just creates a problem."

Rehabbers say, whether folks can donate their time... Or even just a few dollars, every bit makes a difference.

Chet Powell: "We knew things would probably get worse; we expected them to; but they got worse than we thought quicker than we thought."

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