Local Woman Attacked by 2 Dogs Found Lying in Front Yard

By: Lanetra Bennett
March 11, 2015

Quincy, FL - A Gadsden County woman was treated for injuries after she was attacked by two dogs.

Deputies ultimately shot and killed one of the dogs.

It was a couple driving by the house on Ben Bostick Road in Quincy that found the woman Wednesday morning. Gadsden County deputies say she was lying face down in the front yard, with two dogs hovering over her body.

Gadsden County deputies say the dogs ripped the woman's clothes to shreds, leaving her with nothing but her underwear on. Deputies say she had bite marks on the back of her thigh, arm pits, and rib cage and stomach areas.

Maj. Shawn Wood says, "There's a lot of children in that neighborhood. So, we had concern."

The dogs were described as medium to large mixed breed dogs, and very aggressive.

Deputies say they had to spray mace to get the dogs away from the woman. The dogs then ran away. Authorities searched for them in the neighborhood.

They found the owner of one dog and took it to the animal shelter for testing. Deputies say they found the other dog down the street underneath a mobile home. They say the dog growled and showed aggressive behavior. Therefore, the deputy shot it.

MAJ Wood says, "There were multiple attempts to capture the dogs. They tried to catch the dog. Animal Control tried to catch the dog. It just got to the point to where they couldn't let the dog get away." He adds, "It was sad because actually the officer that shot the dog was an animal lover who actually is one of our K-9s. He's known statewide for having one of the best tracking dogs in the state of Florida. So, it's difficult. Sometimes you just don't have an option."

Area resident Johny Hayes says that same dog tried to bite him before. He says, "I was trying to get home kind of quick. The dog tried to chase me up the road right there. I had a stick in my hand and I kept going."

Deputies believe the dog that was shot was a stray.

The woman has not been identified but deputies say she's in her 20s. They also say she had a medical issue, but they're investigating to see if it happened before or after the dog attack.

She was taken to the hospital, but here condition has not been released.

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