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Creators say 'robot artist' can paint portraits from sight

‘Robotic supermarkets’ now in operation in Miami-Dade

City app helps solve community issues

New technology allows TPD to virtually recreate crime scenes

Project looks into how drones can predict spread of wildfire

95 percent of most downloaded apps for young kids target them with ads, study finds

Make the most out of your appliances with these kitchen hacks

Robots helping nurses monitor more patients at once

FSU grad hopes to prevent sexual assault with app Social Safe

Gadsden County resident getting unknown phone calls thanks to "spoofing"

City of Thomasville launches new tourism smartphone app

Apple wants to solve problems pinpointing 911 calls

Home surveillance growing more popular for security, peace of mind

Experts warn of growing sophistication of hackers

Net neutrality officially repealed

Report: Facebook's shared user data with select companies

Facebook ditches trending news section

Router malware around the world has some concerned locally

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