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Online dating intel - everything you need to know

Week before Super Bowl is a popular time for Americans to buy TVs

"Ballie" gadget introduced at CES 2020

New toothbrush unveiled at CES 2020

Twitter, Facebook ban fake users; some had AI-created photos

British pub using facial recognition to help with customer service

Tesla just unveiled its new "bulletproof" truck. During a test, its windows broke.

Don't flip out: New Motorola Razr is $1,500

Instagram's decision to hide "likes" is getting dislikes

Got a weird text? A telecom vendor says it’s to blame

Survey: Kids’ appetite for online video doubles in 4 years

Lawmakers say social media app TikTok could threaten national security

New camera could help Florida in fight against pythons

Instagram kills Following tab, called a ‘stalking’ feature

Twitter says it mistakenly shared users’ phone numbers for advertising

Goodbye, iTunes: Once-revolutionary app gone in Mac update

Facebook to test hiding number of likes from users

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