Kick-Start Your Search for Apartments in Tallahassee

Searching for new Tallahassee apartments can be somewhat intimidating because there are so many great areas to choose from. To help you decide on that just-right abode, be sure to take all the important details into consideration – like your monthly budget, your spatial needs, the neighborhood, and those must-have amenities. This vibrant, diverse city has many lovable elements and an enormous variety of lodgings available for families, college students, professionals, retirees, and anyone else here to enjoy the north Florida lifestyle. But don’t worry, the local experts at RentTally are here to help you find the best apartments in Tallahassee with great advice, tips, and tricks!

Know What You Need and What You Want in Your Future Tallahassee Apartment

Tackling the search for a new place can be challenging, so it’s crucial to prioritize your needs and desires. Create a list of the things that are most important, like having enough space for your household, driving times to work or school, how much you can afford, or comfortable accommodation of your pet family. Here are some key details to consider:

  • How many rooms do you need? It just depends on your situation. Some 1-bedroom apartments in Tallahassee are roomy enough for two people, but if your budget allows, you may want to upgrade to a 2-bedroom place to create an office or a guest room for visiting friends and family. If you have children (or you just can’t bear to be apart from your buddies), Tallahassee does have a lovely selection of larger apartments like 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom floor plans.
  • Study the square footage and floorplans available. Depending on the apartment community that you are considering, there can be quite a variance of square footage available in the standard 2-bedroom apartment. More square footage means you’ll be able to fit in that gigantic pillow-top bed or huge retro couch you just can’t part with. Several delightful apartment communities offer floor plans with additional storage for your favorite hobby or holiday decorations.
  • What’s your monthly budget? Rent is the biggest chunk of anyone’s monthly spending, and when considering a new home, your available budget plays a huge part of the decision making. Consider your monthly bills closely – utilities, car insurance, entertainment – and come up with a realistic number that will allow you to move into your dream apartment without breaking the bank. If you are moving in with roommates, carefully discuss everyone’s financial commitment before you agree to sign the lease.
  • What are your must-haves? Are you a budding culinary genius who needs a chef’s kitchen for your creations? Looking for a heated, resort-style pool and twenty-four-hour gym? Perhaps you have a somewhat large fur family and need a pet friendly apartment with easy to clean flooring that’s close to a cute dog park. Maybe you’re the next Martha Stewart and you need a pad with soaring ceilings and that designer touch. Whatever your non-negotiable amenities might be, it helps to identify the most important two or three qualities that you absolutely can’t live without. This will help making a decision much easier for you and your household.

Explore Your Apartment Lease Options

Not only is Tally the Florida state capital, but it also boasts three world-class universities, as well as a bustling commercial center and plenty of business opportunities. If you’re a professional with a growing family, you’ll want to find non-student apartments in a community close to good schools and parks. Perhaps you are deep into your studies and need a peaceful, quiet neighborhood in which to focus on your education.

Numerous off-campus housing communities located near Florida State University offer flexible, by-the-room leasing options, roommate matching services, and events and activities specifically dedicated to that wild college life. If you’re searching for an FAMU housing, be sure to consider each community carefully, as neighborhoods near that campus are mixed with both student and non-student housing. Most apartments near Tallahassee Community College are non-student options, so you’re going to want to take care in your search to make sure you find a place that the best fit for your student lifestyle.

Which apartment solution in Tallahassee will be the best for your needs?

  • Does the community offer individual leases (rent per bedroom) or the more standard variety? The trend now for student housing is to offer individual leases for each bedroom in the unit, to offer the student residents more flexibility than a traditional lease. But if you’re used to living alone, with your family, or with long-term friends, then a traditional twelve-month lease for the entire flat makes more sense.
  • What’s your timetable for moving? Student housing usually starts lease periods in August, to coincide with the beginning of the semester. If your schedule doesn’t depend on the school calendar, you may be able to explore more housing options with a lease that starts when it is convenient for you.
  • Do you need a roommate? If you’re new to Tallahassee for school or for work, then you may want to utilize one of the many roommate matching services available to find that perfect housemate. Matching services depend on detailed questionnaires or sophisticated software to pair up individuals whose needs best align. When introduced to a potential new roommate, be sure to do some research – and trust your instincts. Apartments with roommate matching typically also offer individual leases, which is handy in case it just doesn’t work out.

When should I get started on my search?

There are plenty of options for apartments in Tally, so you can take the time to carefully consider which one is the right one for you. College students tend to move around quite frequently, so new opportunities arise all the time. August is usually the busiest month for apartment rentals, so be kind and patient with overworked leasing office staff during this hectic time.

Students returning for the semester should take into account that leases for Tallahassee student apartments usually begin at the same time as classes are back in session – January, June, and August. If you plan to move in just in time for the fall semester, it is not unrealistic to begin searching in early spring.

For those searching for non-student housing, conventional wisdom recommends beginning your search six months before your target move-in date, so you’ll have plenty of time to research all of your choices and decide what is best for your household. Most apartment communities should know their availability in detail three months before your move date.

Keep Your Pets in Mind

We love our pets here in Tally and couldn’t live without them, so when moving to a new home, it’s key to keep their comfort in mind and find the best pet-friendly apartments in Tallahassee. Research of neighborhoods could include the local dog parks, groomers, or local healthy pet food retailer. Here are some necessary questions you should ask before signing the lease on your new Tallahassee apartment, to make sure your new crib is the finest choice for you and your fur family.

  • What are the breed or weight restrictions? Some communities do have breed restrictions, unfortunately, and that’s definitely something you need to know before making a commitment. If specific breeds are not forbidden, many apartments also have weight limits for pets. Be sure to check with your vet and have a current report of weight, vaccinations, and general health to share with your leasing professional.
  • What’s it going to cost? The typical monthly pet fee is anywhere from $25 to $75 per month, and you will usually be asked to pay a pet deposit when you sign your lease. While a fee non-refundable, many communities will refund the initial pet deposit, as long as you take care of the walls and flooring, and keep your home smelling fresh.
  • How many critters can I have? The majority of apartments in the Tallahassee area will impose a limit on just how many fur babies you can have. A common limit is 2 pets per house hold, but always check with the leasing office for your top-choice apartment.

What’s the Best Tally Neighborhood for Your Needs?

Which area to choose will be a big part of your considerations for a new home. Are you a student looking to beat the clock and get to campus in a hurry? Does your family need to be near a specific school zone or place of employment? The best way to select the most splendid community is to check local blogs and forums for clues from actual residents. Take a drive around town and stop at cafes, the library, or maybe an outdoor patio bar to get a real feel for your potential future home. Visit some of the most popular areas to see what appeals to you:


If you love the city life with a bit of Southern charm, then a Downtown Tallahassee apartment would be just the thing. As well as being the state capital, Tally is also rich in Florida history and boasts a charming, burgeoning downtown city center. It’s relatively convenient to campus, but also filled with a mix of busy professionals, artists, and aspiring politicians. Downtown also has easy access to surrounding neighborhoods and loads of activities.


Charming and hip, Midtown Tallahassee is slightly quieter than Downtown, but still just a short jaunt to the business district. Lured in by lush greenery and appealing architecture, Midtown is quite popular with the young professional set. This trendy neighborhood features a walkable community area with easily accessible dining and entertainment, and an adorable trolley system. Check out Thomasville Road and grab a tasty brew or a tropical tiki bar concoction, and then take a nice easy stroll back home to your Midtown Tallahassee apartment.

The Northeast

The Northeast community is a vibrant and upscale residential area and is also referred to as the Market District. Known for top-rated Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and Capital Regional Medical Center hospitals, this is ideal location for visiting nurses or professional medical staff searching for a short commute. Don’t worry though, there are still a plethora of fun local hangouts, artisanal shops, and family & pet-friendly adventures. If you are looking for great places to get some exercise in nature, you’ll love running or taking a bike ride along this neighborhood’s lush winding roads, lined with stately ancient oak trees.

Northwest Tally

Slightly more remote, this quiet and peaceful area is perfect for those who want a little more space and privacy – but still be a short ride from game day festivities and nightlife. Scenic Lake Jackson is a centerpiece of this family-oriented suburb, and you’ll also find a lot of longtime Tally residents who absolutely love it here. Northwest Tallahassee apartments also super close to the airport and Interstate 10, ideal for those who like to travel frequently.

Southeast Tallahassee

A splendid oasis for older residents and families, this bucolic and beautiful part of town boasts a plethora of gorgeous natural parkland and outdoor recreation. There’s also convenient access to the award-winning Southwood Golf Club, Governor’s Square Mall, and many other dining and entertainment options on Apalachee Parkway. Fitness fans will love Cascades Park, featuring 24 acres of nature trails, an outdoor amphitheater, pet friendly areas, and lush natural Florida landscape. Southeast Tallahassee apartments are also close to charming Lake Lafayette and the historical Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park, which features a reflection pool, floral architecture, and hundreds of rare flowers. Built in 1923, the Maclay park is one of the most stunning ornamental gardens in Florida.

Southwest/ College Town

Get ready to be at the heart of the student world in this neighborhood. Perfect for students, professors, and university staff, College Town has the hottest in dining and entertainment trends, and easy access to all of your favorite sports teams. Florida State, Tallahassee Community College, and FAMU students will love this bustling area, as most apartment communities are a 15-minute drive or less to these campuses. From Tharpe Street to Capital Circle and up to South Monroe, students at these schools will have access to several shuttle systems around the neighborhood. It’s also very bike-friendly, so please be aware of cyclists in the road and local bike laws in this community.

Don’t be daunted by finding your supreme Tallahassee apartment – just do a bit of online research, take a nice drive through town, talk with locals, and consider the best options for you and your household. Most importantly, have fun planning your perfect new home and new future here in this exhilarating city. Be sure to check RentTally for all the latest info on the best apartment options and tips for enjoying your new home!