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Finding Tallahassee apartments can be a challenge with so many diverse areas to choose from. When choosing to an apartment that feels like home, there are various factors to take into consideration – budget, floor plan, neighborhood, and amenities each play an important role. Whether you’re relocating to Tallahassee to live in apartments near FSU or for a new job, Tallahassee has something for everyone. There are communities that are a good fit for families, college students, professionals, retirees, and anyone else here to enjoy the north Florida lifestyle. Don’t stress about your search, RentTally is here to help you find the best apartments in Tallahassee with local advice, tips, and tricks!

Separate Your Needs and Wants For Your Tallahassee Apartment

It’s hard to know where to start when searching for an apartment in a city you don’t know, so make sure to come prepared with a list of what you need and want. Figure out what you can’t compromise on, like having enough space for you and your roommates, your commute to work or school, what you can spend, or living in a pet-friendly community. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many bedrooms do I need? This factor is mainly based on what phase on life you’re in. Some 1-bedroom apartments in Tallahassee are spacious enough for two people if you’re in a relationship, but if you have some extra flexibility, you may want to opt for a 2-bedroom floor plan to have a place to work or a room friends and family when they visit. If you need a couple kids’ rooms (or just love living with your friends), Tallahassee does have plenty of larger apartments to accommodate like 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom floor plans.
  • Are the floor plans available spacious enough? The square footage of a standard 2-bedroom apartment can span a wide range, especially with all the different kind of communities in Tallahassee. Be sure to check how big the living rooms and individual bedrooms are to ensure you’ll have enough room for your favorite couch or your queen-sized bed. You also might want to keep an eye out for floor plans with additional storage for your favorite hobby or holiday decorations.
  • What is my maximum rental budget for the month? When searching for a new home, your price range plays a huge part of the decision making, especially since rent takes the biggest chunk out of your budget. Pay attention to all the monthly bills you expect for your new Tallahassee apartment – utilities, car insurance, entertainment – and calculate how much money is available to find a great apartment and not break the bank. Make sure to have a serious conversation with your roommates about finances, especially if the property does not offer induvial leasing.
  • What are my apartment deal-breakers? Do you need plenty of space in your kitchen to meal-prep? Are you looking for a luxurious resort-style pool to relax in or a 24-hour gym to workout in? Perhaps you need a pet-friendly community that’s close to a cute dog park. Maybe you want your apartment to look like your Pinterest board and need the designer furniture package. Whatever matters to you, try identifying a few of the most important qualities that your community must have. This will help your decision making and ensure you love where you live.

Explore Your Tallahasee Apartment Lease Options

Tallahassee is a bustling city; it’s Florida’s state capital, is home to three impressive universities, and has a vibrant commercial center full of business opportunities.  Are you a young professional looking to settle down? Check out non-student apartments in a peaceful community close to top schools and parks. If you’re studying for graduate school or big medical exams, then you should explore quiet neighborhoods that allow you to focus.

You’ll have no issue finding an off-campus housing communities located near Florida State University that offer student oriented options like individual leasing, roommate matching services, and community events. For FAMU housing, do some research about the community since that area of Tallahassee is mixed with student and nonstudent housing. In fact, apartments near Tallahassee Community College are mainly non-student options, so be sure to find a place that fits the lifestyle you’re looking for.

What style of lease works best for me?

  • Individual or a Joint Lease? Student housing offers unique flexibility compared to traditional leasing with individual leasing, or by-the-bedroom. This is great for people who want to live with roommates but want the added assurance that they will only be liable for their portion of the rent.
  • When are you moving in? It is typical for student housing to start their leasing periods in August, as to align with the beginning of the school semester. If your schedule is not dependent on school, you may have more leeway with lease that starts when it is convenient for you.
  • What about roommates? Roommate matching services can be a great way to find someone to live with if you’re new to Tallahassee. Detailed questionnaires about lifestyle preferences are used to pair up individuals who are looking for a roommate. While this software is sophisticated, always trust your gut when meeting potential roommates. Most of the time choosing an apartments with roommate matching is not that risky since individual leasing is available.

When is a good time to start apartment hunting?

When you are choosing an apartment in Tallahassee, make sure to take your time and examine all your options. In a college town people are always coming in and out, so new housing opportunities are bound to arise. In Tallahassee, August is usually the busiest month for leasing teams, so be kind and patient when starting your search.

Tallahassee student apartments usually follow when classes are back in session – January, June, and August are the various move-in days that are offered. For fall move ins, it is smart to start during the spring so you can get the best selection of apartments.

For those searching for non-student housing, most people would tell you to begin your search six months before your target move-in date, just to ensure you have the most options possible. Most apartment communities have information on their availability 3 months ahead of time.

Keep Your Pets in Mind

Tallahassee can be a great city for you and your pet, so be sure to check out pet-friendly apartments in Tallahassee. It can be helpful to pick an apartment near the local dog parks, groomers, or local healthy pet food retailer. Here are some questions to ask to ensure the best life for you and your furry friend.

  • Are large dogs allowed? Check with your community to see if they have weight or breed restrictions. It would be helpful to check with your vet and have a current report of weight, vaccinations, and overall health to share during the leasing process.
  • Are there any pet fees? You can expect to pay a standard monthly pet fee is anywhere from $25 to $75 per month, in addition to a signing fee. While a fee non-refundable, many apartments will refund the initial pet deposit, as long as you take care of the walls and flooring, and keep your home smelling fresh.
  • How many critters can I have? Most apartments in the Tallahassee area will cap your pet ownership. A common limit is 2 pets per household, but sure to check with the leasing office to be sure of your top-choice apartment’s policy.

Which Tally Neighborhood Is the Best Fit For You?

Which area to choose will change the experience you have in Tallahassee. Do you need to walk to campus in the morning? Do you need a specific school zone for your kids? It’s hard to know the vibe of each area, without being a local. Try taking a drive around town and stop at cafes, the library, or maybe an outdoor patio bar to get a real feel for your potential future home. Visit some of the local hotspots and make note of where the standouts are located.


If you love a bustling southern city, then a Downtown Tallahassee apartment would be just the thing. As well as being the state capital, Tally is also rich in Florida history and boasts a darling downtown city center. It’s relatively convenient to campus for students, but also home to a mix of busy professionals, artists, and aspiring politicians. Downtown is a great point of access to a bunch of entertainment, dining, and fun.


Charming and growing, Midtown Tallahassee is a little toned down compared to Downtown, but still just a short drive to business areas. Easy on the easy with plenty of greens, Midtown is quite popular recent college grads starting their careers. Have a neighborhood and city feel in this walkable community area with nearby dining and entertainment, and an adorable trolley system. Check out Thomasville Road and grab a tasty brew or a tropical tiki bar concoction, and then take a pleasant stroll back home to your Midtown Tallahassee apartment.

The Northeast

The Northeast community is an energetic and growing residential area and is also referred to as the Market District. With top-rated Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare and Capital Regional Medical Center hospitals, this location is popular for those in the medical field. But it’s not all medicine here, there are plenty of local parks, entertainment, and fun to enjoy. If you are looking for comfortable, pretty neighborhood to get some exercise in, you’ll love jogging or bike riding with the family along this neighborhood’s tree-lined winding roads.

Northwest Tally

Want a little more privacy with a more remote location, but still be a short ride from game day festivities and nightlife? Try Northwest Tally. Scenic Lake Jackson is a hub of this family-oriented neighborhood, and you’ll also find Tally local love this area. Northwest Tallahassee apartments are great if you job requires lots of travel- you’re only 10 minutes from the airport.

Southeast Tallahassee

Great for older residents and families, beautiful area of town is great for living the Florida lifestyle. There’s plenty to do with award-winning Southwood Golf Club, Governor’s Square Mall, and many other dining and entertainment options on Apalachee Parkway. Stay active and get outdoors at Cascades Park, featuring 24 acres of nature trails, an outdoor amphitheater, pet friendly areas, and lush natural Florida landscape. Southeast Tallahassee apartments are also close to charming Lake Lafayette and the historical Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park. Be sure to check out the reflection pool, floral architecture, and hundreds of rare flowers. Have the lovely Maclay park right near you; built in 1923, this is one of the most stunning ornamental gardens in Florida.

Southwest/ College Town

Join thousands of college students just like you in Southwest Tally. This area is perfect for students, but also is great for university employees. Also known as College Town, this area has the hottest in local dining and nightlife, and easy access to all of your favorite sports teams on game day. Florida State, Tallahassee Community College, and FAMU students will love a short commute to class, as most apartment communities are a 15-minute drive or less to these campuses. From Tharpe Street to Capital Circle and up to South Monroe, students at these schools will be able to explore the city with several shuttle systems around the neighborhood. The biking community is also prominent in this area, many students opting to take this mode of transportation to class.

Don’t be daunted by finding a Tallahassee apartment that is perfect for you – just do a bit of online research, explore the town if you can, talk with locals, and figure out what your must-haves are. Most importantly, enjoy the apartment hunt and get excited about your new future here in this exhilarating city. Start your search on RentTally for all the latest info on the best Tally apartment options and tips for enjoying your new home!

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