Our PBJ PLZ! drive is now in its 6th year!

WCTV is teaming up with Leon County Schools and Second Harvest of the Big Bend to help hungry children.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we will be collecting donations both in-person and online.

Leon County students are invited to bring jars of peanut butter and jelly to school starting April 4 through April 22.

Families and community members also have the quick and easy option of donating online now through April 30.

Together over the last five years, we have collected nearly 23 tons of peanut butter and jelly and more than $134,000.

Thank you for considering a donation, and thank you for your heartfelt generosity! It makes a difference for thousands of hungry children in our community!

The community’s effort during “Crunch Time” this year has been outstanding. You at home helped us raise over $10,000 in less than two hours! Below, you’ll find the highlights from Julie Montanaro and Ben Kaplan’s sandwich-making competition at Second Harvest of the Big Bend.

Ben and Julie learned that one, 40-ounce jar of peanut butter can make 53 sandwiches! The WCTV anchor duo went through five loaves of bread as they hastily slapped sandwiches together on the air.

We told you about a large donation from the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority at the beginning of April. Well, on Wednesday, April 27, we received a surprise donation from John B. Sanfilippo & Son out of Bainbridge: The nut experts brought a whole pallet of peanut butter to Second Harvest of the Big Bend! Watch Julie and Ben unveil the surprise donation below.

One large donation came from Delta Sigma Theta’s Tallahassee Alumnae Chapter; they dropped off a $2,000 check at Second Harvest earlier this month! The sorority doubled its donation from last year, and they hope it motivates other organizations to give.

Below, you’ll find segments that aired on WCTV as the 2022 drive kicked off. These include the morning show interview with LCS Superintendent Rocky Hanna, as well as a quick recap regarding the first day of donations.

Join WCTV, Second Harvest of the Big Bend and Leon County Schools as we collect peanut butter...
Join WCTV, Second Harvest of the Big Bend and Leon County Schools as we collect peanut butter and jelly to feed hungry kids!(Ryan Kaufman - WCTV)

If you prefer to pay via check, checks can be made payable to:

  • Second Harvest of the Big Bend/PBJ PLZ!
  • 4446 Entrepot Boulevard, Tallahassee, Fla. 32310
  • Please be sure to designate “PBJ PLZ!” somewhere on the check