Kids and Pros Beats Heat This Summer

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Now to shed some light on what the little ones are up to these days. Across the area there are plenty of summer camps taking place. We discussed Charlie Ward's Thomasville camps on Live at Five.

We're now talking some football as former Falcons Buddy Curry and Bobby Butler team up for the Kids and Pros camp.

So far the response has been plenty of smiles, both from the kids as well as the pros, but there is one minor complaint.

Apparently, some of the campers didn't know what they were in for.

Camper Jake Diamantis says, "It's a lot of fun with the NFL players because they teach you a lot of stuff that they've gone through, and it's really hard, I thought it would be easier."

Former NFL star Bobby Butler adds, "Oh, it's the most fun, even though I'm 100 years old now, I remember when, and it's exciting to be out here with the kids and teach them fundamentals, and teach them some discipline."

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