Every Team: Tallahassee Rollergirls

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The Tallahassee Roller Girls originally began in 2006 when the girl only did bouts against themselves. Fast forward three years later to present day, Capital Punishment is now part of a worldwide organization called the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.
Tallahassee Rollergirl Fem Venomous says,
"We're actually internationally recognized. WFTDA is an international association. It means that we can achieve national rankings. We're up there with some of the original derby team in the nation. Just very exciting, very big that we're on a national scale, which is huge."
The team has grown in popularity, both in fan support and participation.
Tallahassee Rollergirl Moxie Knockout adds,
"We've got so many more fans. I keep running into people every day, random people that are, "Hey, you're a Tallahassee Roller Girl! When's your next game, what's going on, what are you guys doing." and so, just more and more people know about us. I see more of our bumper stickers everywhere."
So much support that they have added a "B" team called the Jailbreak Betties, which will debut at their next bout.
Tallahassee Rollergirl Danger S adds,
"The "B" Team really allows the new girls to get some bout experience because there are so many really good skaters here that you come in and skate for a long time and never see any playing time. The league got together and decided for the development of new girls they would form a "B" team and allow us to skate against other leagues who are relatively new as well."
If you don't have tickets to the May 30th bout against the Big Easy Roller Girls, I'm sorry to tell you that they have already sold out, but you'll be able to catch them all summer long.

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