Coaches Corner - Marcus Stroud and Friends

Small towns don't often experience the star power Quitman, Georgia did on Saturday, thanks to former Brooks County Trojan and current Buffalo Bills star Marcus Stroud and some NFL friends. Around 200 area kids spent the day learning football fundamentals from a hometown hero.

Stroud said, "You know, this is where I was able to start everything at. I was able to begin my career, and it's been a pretty good career for me so far, so I just wanted to come and give back and hopefully somebody else can be the next Marcus Stroud and do the same thing."

Not even the heat could melt the smiles from these kids faces Saturday. That's precisely the reason these players took time out of their busy schedules to lend a helping hand at Veterans Stadium.

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Mike Peterson said, "We make a lot of tackles, a lot of sacks, a lot of touchdowns, but to put a smile on a kid, there's nothing bigger than that."

Bills teammate Donte Whitner added, "You know, that's the biggest reward for being out here. I wish when I was younger I would have had NFL players come out and talk to me and show me different techniques and just get out there and run around with us when I was younger. I didn't have that, and I just wanted to give it back."

Kids walked away with free t-shirts, back packs, and lunch, but more importantly, a positive influence from some NFL stars.

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