Kids and Pros Football Experience is More than Just Football

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The Kids and Pros Football Experience is much more than a football camp.
Khalil Shirah talks about his experience at camp, "It's really fun because the stuff that we learn is like on and off the field, so we learn how to play a position , and like we need to learn sportsmanship, like to pick up a player when he's down."
About 150 kids this summer will get the chance to rub elbows with football greats.
Former pro players and Seminole legends like Jimmy Jordan, Kez McCorvey, and Casey Weldon will not only teach the game of football but character principals as well.
Jennifer Shirah, a mother to campers, says, "It's somebody that they can look to. It's different when mommy and daddy are telling them this is how you need to act and when they have somebody that they've seen on a football field, they have a football card with them on it saying this is how you need to act, they tend to listen a little better."
Jordan adds, "That's huge. That can change a kid's life right there, if that guy talks to that kid for five minutes. Gives just five minutes telling him what he thinks about everything, about life and what he needs to do."
McCorvey says, "I'd love the opportunity to kind of make the circle complete. I love the opportunity to come back and teach the things I've learned."
Hopefully the circle will be complete when kids from this camp go on to succeed, and then pass on that knowledge.

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