Every Team: Former FSU Football Players

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Florida State football players are not only known for what they do on the field during their time wearing the garnet and gold, they have a strong presence in the National Football League. When the Arizona Cardinals and Jacksonville Jaguars played each other this past Sunday, there were five former Noles in that game.
Former FSU Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin says,
"A lot of guys I played with in college, McFadden, Dockett. There's always some fellow FSU guys."
Former FSU Cornerback Bryant McFadden adds,
"We're everywhere. It's hard to look on a Sunday and play against an opposing team without seeing somebody from FSU. That tells you the type of talent that comes through Tallahassee and it's always continuing. Every year somebody is going to be on a roster. When I look on an opposing team, I see how many Florida State guys, not if we have any.
Florida State ranks second with most NFL Draft picks since 1993 with 101, four behind Ohio State, and was rated number one school for producing successful NFL players by the Wall Street Journal.
Former FSU Defensive Tackle Darnell Dockett says,
"We hold ourselves to a totally different accountability than most guys. We work harder, we're in the weight room more, discipline, we play more aggressive, some nasty players and that comes from those seeds down at FSU in Tallahassee so we hold ourselves to a higher standard and that's what we're going to do, keep holding ourselves to higher standards. If you're from FSU you know what the work ethic was. You know what it took to get here and we'll keep grinding it out. When you steep on the field you have to represent not just yourself, but for everybody."
That statement can be accounted for forty five players in the NFL today that used to call FSU home.

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