FAMU Football: LeRoy Vann is the Man!

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Everytime FAMU return specialist LeRoy Vann gets his hands on the ball, he's a threat to score.
"He's gone. That's a 95 yard punt return!"
Two kick return TDs against Winston-Salem State. Then, two more kick returns this past Thursday against Howard, and the national media is taking notice.
ESPN analyst Desmond Howard says, "I want to see his secrets. What makes him so good. I want to try and compare notes, and see if we have the same things to say that we look for when we try to break a punt return."
Howard won the Heisman Trophy in 1991 and is amazed at what Vann can do - which is shattering records. On the season, he has 556 all-purpose yards and four scores.
Vann says, "It's almost like a chess match. Your sepcial teams coach versus our special teams coach. Make your coverage team cover better. Don't just kick the ball out of bounds and take the easy way out, but when they do kick to me, I think that's crazy, but when they don't I get upset.
FAMU head football coach Joe Taylor says, "First of all, he's fearless back there fielding that punt and that's the first prerequisite, and of course he's got the speed."
Howard says, "A guy asked me if I ever returned two in a game, and I told hime not that I could think of, but see I was real smart. I like to spread mine out so they can keep kicking to me."
Vann hopes to continue his record run but that'll depend on whether his opponents continue to kick to him since Vann is looking for check-mate.

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