Inside the Game - NFL Scouting FAMU Players

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"Whenever he's on you campus, chances are you have people who will be playing on Sunday next year." - Joe Taylor
FAMU's success on the gridiron is spilling over to the point that NFL scouts are taking notice. This week, the Rattlers had James Harris, an NFL scout for the Detroit Lions on campus.
FAMU head football coach Joe Taylor says,"For him to be here on campus says a lot about where we are. It speaks volumes because again he doesn't come unless there is some legitimate reason to come."
The scouting process is all about detail. Harris told us that they're looking for players who can transition their games to the next level, plus demonstrate qualities of character that would be a plus to an organization, a community, or a locker room."
Harris says, "A lot of the players are aware of the NFL scouts being around. Most of us have known coach Taylor and his staff for a long time. They do an excellent job of both preparing players for games and the game of life."
FAMU senior offensive lineman Robert Okeafor says, "Everybody is whispering on the practice field. That's Carolina or that's Philadelphia. I mean you hear it all day. So, it is hard to block out. I can't even tell you how I do it. I know when I see them, I try to as fast as I can, as hard as I can, but make sure I have my technique down."
Senior linebacker Bryan Parker adds,"It's real cool to know that somebody may be interested in you but you still have to block it out because you can't get too focused on it because we still have business to take care of.
The work that Parker is referring to is winning a MEAC championship and maybe even bigger championship glory. For Inside the Game,

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