Last Two Games A Wake Up Call For FAMU

Sometimes it takes a loss to get a win. That's the logic the FAMU Rattlers are using after dropping their first conference game Saturday, a wake up call for the Orange and Green.

Cornerback Fabian Wilson says, "We went in there thinking we were just going to beat them. That it was just going to be easy. That nobody was going to beat us in the MEAC. I think it was a good lesson. We lost. We're not going to lose anymore."

Wide Receiver Isaac West says, "We're just going back to basics and fundamentals. As long as we work on those fundamentals and basic things, it should help us get back on track."

They're taking not only a renewed sense of focus and determination into this week of practice, but also a sense of urgency if they still want to realize their post-season aspirations.

Head Coach Joe Taylor says, "We're still motivated by moving forward with an extended season. I still think that this is a special group in terms of the things that they can get done. So none of that has changed and hopefully we'll see that back to that characteristic of us, and that is playing with a lot of energy, playing fast and not making those mental errors."

FAMU is 10-1 all-time against Saturday's opponent Norfolk State, and has every intention of continuing that streak of dominance Saturday,

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