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When Lowndes High School beat Valdosta High 56-17 for their sixth consecutive win in the rivalry, it was announced a few days later that Wildcats head coach Rick Tomberlin would not come back as coach for the 2010 season.
Valdosta High head football coach Rick Tomberlin says, "We've all got kind of a big void in our chest right now. We're all hurting. Coaches are hurting. Players are hurting. When something like this happens, it's not just the head coach, it's every assistant coach out here, it's every player out here,. It's our families. I think the timing was just awful for this, but we're going to coach them and work them and be positive like I had a life-time contract."
Wildcats junior quarterback Dashay March says, "It was real bad for us. We don't want Coach T to leave, so we're playing everyday to get him back."
So, the Wildcats have been hitting the practice fields hard. This after the team called a players only meeting last week.
"It was like an emotional meeting. Everybody was talking, listening and paying attention to the team leaders. They were just talking about coming out here and working hard everyday and win a state championshop."
Funny thing is, the Wildcats still have that possibility. They could win their final three games to get into the postseason.
"The thing we're trying to do is let them know we;ve got a good football team and and we've got to play our best. We've got to play our best and give our best. We've still got three games and there's still the possibility of us getting in the playoffs, and that's something to shoot for and feel good about. We kind of control our destiny."
A destiny that was thrown into chaos, but these Wildcats are tring to weather the storm the best they can.

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